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A typical day’s work


8h00 – 8h15

The children arrive with their parents, take off their coats and put on their slippers before entering the classroom. This is also the time when important transmissions can be

exchanged with the educators.

8h15 – 8h45

An essential moment in the class: THE morning grouping!


Children choose and manipulate activities that have already been introduced to them while educators introduce new activities to others. They can also read in the library, go to the drawing table or the painting easel...

11h – 11h30

Depending on the weather, we go to recreation or some continue their work.


11h30 – 12h30

The children help set the table and have lunch together.


12h30 – 14h30


It's nap time or quiet time.


13h30 – 14h

The older children come back from the playground and listen to a story in order to regain their composure for the start of class.

14h – 16h15

The children resume their activities independently or with the help of the educators. At the end of the day, we gather to share the bread that has been prepared by a child during the day. Then we head to the changing rooms to put on coats and shoes for the outing.


It's time to meet the parents.

See you the next day...

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